Laboratory for Sediment and Soil Analysis (SEDILAB) HUN-REN Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences, Geographical Institute


SEDILAB as a whole is organised around this laboratory unit.

Key functions are:

  • Sample arrival, cataloguing, specific storage
  • Sample preparation (drying, heat treatment, tempering, etc...)
  • Providing the infrastructure for laboratory experiments
  • Determination of basic parameters of soil and water samples
    • pH and electrical conductivity (EC)
    • Phosphate, nitrate, nitrite, ammonium, Na+, K+, Ca2+, Mg2+
    • Cation exchange capacity (CEC) determination

Available devices

  • Shimadzu UV1240 (2013) – spectrophotometer
    • Wavelength range: 190nm – 1100nm
    • Number of detectors: 1
    • Resolution: 1 nm
    • Light source: Tungsten (Vis), Deuterium (UV)
    • Photometric range: -3 to 3 Abs

  • Sherwood 410i (2015) – flame-photometer
    • Sensitivity: Na <0.5 ppm, K <0.5 ppm, Li 5 ppm, Ca 5 ppm, Ba 200 ppm
    • Specificity: Na, K & Li interferencias <0.5% Na, K, Li, Ca, Ba koncentration

  • Other devices
    • Freezers and ultrafreezers
    • Heating chambers
    • Ovens (tmax ~3000 oC)
    • Climate chambers
    • Milling chambers: mechanised WC jar, bal mill, cutting mill, vibrationg mill.
Room 401 A calibration line for the spectrophotometric ammonium measurement (Shimadzu UV1240) Storage room